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Writer and Performer

Vanessa Micale is a multidisciplinary artist who lives in Portland, Oregon. She is a mixed Uruguayan American Latina who creates across monikers and mediums as a poet, writer, singer-songwriter, musician and performer.


Vanessa is a Latinx in Publishing mentee (2023) and fellow of Anaphora Arts (2021) and VONA (2018). She is a 2022 Randolph College MFA Blackburn Fellow. She holds a BA in Creative Writing with honors from San Francisco State University. 


Vanessa is the founder of Poderosa Voz LLC. She offers coaching as a certified Resilience Toolkit facilitator and a range of topics for in person and virtual events as a workshop facilitator, public speaker, creative writer and performer. She is a 2018 ValorUS LEAP fellow for women of color in the movement to end gender-based violence.


As a singer-songwriter, Vanessa currently performs under the solo project name Elle Bosque. She was formerly based out of Los Angeles where she performed experimental folk music under the project name ilo mar.

Over the years, Vanessa self-recorded 8 albums and produced a handful of zines, none of which are available online.

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