Writer and Performer

Vanessa Micale is a multidisciplinary artist who lives in Portland, Oregon. She is a mixed Uruguayan-American Latina who creates across monikers and mediums as a poet, writer, singer-songwriter, musician and performer.


Vanessa is a fellow of Anaphora Arts (2021) and VONA (2018). She is an incoming 2022 Randolph College MFA Blackburn Fellow. She holds a BA in Creative Writing with honors from San Francisco State University. 


In 2021, Vanessa became a certified Resilience Toolkit Facilitator through Lumos Transforms. She is a social justice advocate and bilingual facilitator. She is a 2018 ValorUS LEAP fellow for women of color in the movement to end gender-based violence.


Over the years, Vanessa self-recorded 8 albums and produced a handful of zines, none of which are available online.

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